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We’re Pump Salon. Created in 2000, we’re a Cincinnati salon that’s home to creative, passionate, hair-obsessed stylists who all have one purpose: great hair. We’re here to give you your dream fringe, expertly blended colors, and leave you feeling amazing.

We know hair trends and techniques are always changing, so we don’t shy away from learning, or teaching others through our apprenticeship program. And just how we’re committed to great hair, we’re committed to doing our part to keep our planet beautiful. Our Green Circle Salon certification ensures that 95% of our salon-specific waste never sees a landfill.

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Who are we

At our core- we’re a group of people who really like each other, and find a lot of joy making hair masterpieces. Whether it’s a balayage, or rainbow highlights, we give every guest all of our care and attention. Within our walls you’ll find stylists who have the honor of being Network Educators for Bumble and bumble (that means when we recommend a product, we really know our stuff), and others who have been in the industry for decades. 

We learn something new every day, we’re generous with our creativity and passionate about how what we do makes you feel. Want to get to know us some more? Read some of our testimonials.

Our Salon

What we do

We were founded with one purpose: great hair. And for over 20 years, that’s what we’ve done! We help you achieve that cool toned blonde you’ve been dreaming of, or take the plunge and go for the big chop. Our experts make retail recommendations to help you maintain shiny, healthy hair in between your appointments, and we ask all of the right questions so that we fully understand your hair vision and how to get you there. Ready to experience what we do for yourself? Make a reservation!

our values

“The things are like, really important to us.”

Our talented stylists provide exceptional services that are focused on making you look & feel like a 10.

Expert team

Our team is here to give expert advice and give suggestions on hair design based around face shape, skin tone, and lifestyle. We believe in walking our guests through our thought process and sharing our know-how to help them make the best decisions for their hair.

Creative and passionate

Our stylists have a lot of experience under their belts, and are full of passion for their work. No matter the service, their creativity shines through. This means every time you come to see us, you’re in for something special.

Exceptional services

Our team is dedicated to staying on top of their craft, providing sought-after services, recommending amazing products, and always giving our guests a personal, welcoming experience. This is what makes us who we are.


The beauty industry produces 877 pounds of waste every minute. Since 2022, Pump Salon has partnered with Green Circle Salons to divert 95% or more of our salon waste from landfills. In 2022 we diverted over 1,196.5 LBS of waste.


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