Trending Hair Colors

Are you looking to liven up your natural hair color? Or maybe you want a hair color that is completely different. Don’t you think it’s time for a color transformation? We have compiled a list of the trendiest and edgiest colors below. After reading the list, whether you want a color and style or color alone, schedule an appointment by calling Pump Salon in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Which Color or Color Combination is Right for You?

Jet Black Hair Color

When you want to stand out with dark hair, why not go with the darkest shade imaginable? Jet black is surprisingly flattering and will compliment almost any skin tone. People love the jet black look because it adds sheen to your hair, making it look glossy and healthy. When it comes to styling, wear it down or up, or add layers to add bounce. Consider adding dark brown highlights to draw the eyes to your unique facial features.

Black and Blue Ombre

You may have heard of the ombre. Or maybe you’ve worn your hair in an ombre style, but have you considered adding blue to black hair for a unique take on this classic look? The transition between these two dark hair colors is more noticeable than you might think. The shade of blue you choose is what causes this hair color to truly stand out. Going darker will produce less contrast or you can go lighter for a head-turning difference. This hair color style can be used on all hair lengths and textures but works especially well for longer hair. The color combination is also low-maintenance as the roots don’t need constant touching up.

Black and Dark Red

This daring combination has dark red popping against the base black color. Any hairstyle will work with this look with the red highlights adding depth and dimension throughout. For a sexy finish, consider adding red bangs and pairing them with your favorite red lipstick.

Honey Blonde and Black Hair

Black hair highlighted with honey blonde highlights throughout can add softness to your hair that is sure to brighten your complexion. 

Blonde Hair with Light Highlights

Blonde hair suits most skin tones. The lightness of the color enhances your haircut and hair texture. To add extra dimension and depth to your hair, consider adding bold highlights throughout to brighten your complexion. This is the perfect way to update your hair with a subtle change that is a definite attention-getter.

Blonde Ombre

This ombre adds depth and dimension to your hair and works great with a variety of different colors. Experiment with whichever you prefer, as long as one is light and the other dark. Go with natural hair colors or artificial hues, whatever strikes your fancy. If natural results are what you want, keep the contrasting shade slightly lighter. Or go with a full contrast for something cool and edgy. This look is low maintenance because you don’t have to worry about regrowth as you do with traditional foil highlights.

Bleached Blonde

Look sun-kissed and fresh from the beach with this highly-visible hair color. Going with a bleached blonde hair color makes a statement and makes the hair appear fuller and thicker. Keep in mind that this color can also be damaging to your hair. To minimize dryness, get your hair done by a professional stylist like the ones at Pump Salon.

Black and Blonde

This striking combination works by adding black highlights to blonde hair, giving it added dimension. The hairstyle will make you stand out and get noticed in any crowd. This look works with a variety of styles, including a short pixie cut or long layered ‘do.

Dark Blonde Hair with Blonde Ends

Dark blonde hair is only slightly lighter than brown and gives your hair a warm look that is flattering with nearly any skin tone. Consider adding more depth by lightening the ends and going with a bob haircut or lob-style haircut that falls around the face.

Light Blonde with Dark Roots

Women who color their hair blonde often rush to the hair salon to have their dark roots blended for a more natural appearance. You should know, however, that dark roots are becoming popular because of the cool and edgy contrast. The different colors between the hair and roots give your hair depth and dimension. This color style may not be for everyone but if you like to experiment, ask your stylist for this popular look that is steadily catching on.

Silver Blonde

When you find yourself bored of classic blonde colors, consider going silver-blonde. This rebellious color can be worn with most skin complexions. The look is rather high-maintenance, however, because regular touch-ups are needed, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Red and Blonde

A red and blonde bold color combination can give your hair a cool edginess when worn together. You can even try blending the two colors and adding them to a dark brown base. This gives the hair depth and dimension and adds versatility to how you wear your hair. Tell your stylist to focus the color on the sides of the face to frame and highlight your best facial features.

Cherry Red

This bright red hair color can brighten any hair texture and length. The daring look can go with any outfit and occasion. You can tell your stylist to color your entire head or try the cherry red hair color in a more subtle manner, such as low highlights or lowlights placed throughout the hair.

Auburn Hair Color

This reddish-brown shade has red-orange tones, adding depth to your hair. This color style is ideal if you want a striking change to your appearance. The look works well with neutral and pale skin tones. Consider adding lowlights or highlights to the hair to add greater amounts of luxurious dimension.

Book a Hair Color Appointment for Stand-Out BeautyThe list of hair color trends above is a small sampling of the options you have to choose from. There are an unlimited number of colors and color blends. Choose the one you like or let our expert hair colorists select the perfect shade based on your complexion and natural hair type. Whether you have curly hair, straight hair, long hair, medium-sized hair, or short-cropped hair, we have flattering shades made for you. Call Pump Salon in Cincinnati, Ohio to schedule an appointment.

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